Media Contacts:


John Webb


Jared Brandon-Flande



Quick Production Details:


Production Timeline:

July 2014 - project research and planning

January 2015 - primary Interviews begin

Winter 2016 - post production commences

Spring 2017 - pre-release (select showings)

World Premiere - History Film Festival Sept 6-9 2017  Rijeka, Croatia


Key Interviews:
Richard Rhodes - Pulitzer Prize "The Making of the Atomic Bomb"

Roger Meade - Los Alamos National Laboratory Historian/Archivist Emeritus

Carl Willis - Nuclear Engineer

Taylor Wilson - Nuclear Physicist / Science Advocate


Logline: "An Oregon farmer ends a world war and propels America into the Atomic Age."


Year - 2017


Genre - Biographical Documentary


Locations: McMinnville, OR, Los Alamos, NM, Richland, WA, San Francisco CA, Denver, CO.


Filmmakers:  John Webb / Jared Brandon-Flande


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Keywords: Atomic Bomb, Fatman, Los Alamos, Project Y, Hydrogen Bomb, Oppenheimer, Teller, Bethe, Cold War, Ivy Mike, Leslie Groves, Plutonium, Operation Alberta, Tinian Island.


Running Length:

114 minutes