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The Man, The Mind, The Manhattan Project

The Man, The Mind, The Manhattan Project


Schreiber was one of Oppenheimer's brilliant young physicists recruited for the Manhattan Project during World War II. He was entrusted to carry the Plutonium core to Tinian Island where he would assemble the atomic bomb known to history as “Fatman”.

In the mid-fifties, he was selected to lead the American effort to build powerful nuclear rocket engines in the secrecy of the Nevada desert just miles from the infamous Area 51.   The film includes Interviews with Los Alamos historian Roger Meade and Pulitzer Prize winning Richard Rhodes.  As well, nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson and nuclear engineer Carl Willis discuss Schreiber’s “rocket science” with Project ROVER.  

The film contains rare footage, artifacts, photos and audio recordings not seen or heard outside of family for decades. Some consider Schreiber atomic royalty.  This is his story.



Dr. Raemer Schreiber, Experimental Nuclear Physicist (archive audio)
Marge Schreiber, Wife of Dr. Raemer Schreiber (archive video)
Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author/Historian “The Making of the Atomic Bomb”
Roger Meade, Author/Historian Emeritus Los Alamos National Laboratory - “Critical Assembly: A Technical History of Los Alamos During the Oppenheimer Years, 1943-1945”
Carl Willis, Nuclear Engineer
Taylor Wilson, Physicist / Science Advocate
Jake Hecla, Nuclear Engineer
Ben Saunders, Family
Sara Schreiber, Family
Janet Lee Redmond, Family
Jennifer Redmond-Noble, Family

A film by: John Webb & Jared Brandon-Flande
Produced by: Atomic Memories, LLC.
Dedication: Paula Schreiber-Dransfield
Executive Producers: John Webb, Janet Lee Redmond, Jennifer Redmond-Noble
Producer: John Webb
Producer/Writer: Sara Schreiber
Producer/Archivist: Ben Saunders
Directors: Jared Brandon-Flande, John Webb
Editor: John Webb
Associate Producers: Jared Brandon-Flande, Patti Church, Kurt Harms,
Titles and Effects: Oregon Coast Post
3D Rover: Robert Houghton, Houghton Media
Post-Production: Atomic Memories / Oregon Coast Post
Senior Online Editor/DIT: Christopher J. Stephens
Online Editor: John Webb
Audio Post-Production: Jason Wells, Audiowells
Director of Photography / Main Camera: Jared Brandon-Flande
Interview Camera: John Webb
Post-Coordinator: Patti Church
Post-Supervisor: John Webb
Fixer, Yamhill Co, Oregon: Carl Laux
Legal: Bart Day
Historical Consultant: Roger Meade
Research: John Webb, Sara Schreiber, Ben Saunders, Patti Church
Accounting: Michael C. Davidson & Bernards & Associates
Promotion: Atomic Memories
Key Art: The Robot Eye (Los Angeles), Atomic Memories
Distributor: Gravitas Ventures
Production Services: Starstruck Creations
Post-Production Services: Atomic Memories, Deep Archive Films
Craft Services: Prairie Child Catering
Period Automobile: Jared McCullough
Period Farm Equipment: Chuck Kadell
Makeup: Calley Brandon-Laux
Costume: Jessica Brandon
Additional Footage: John Bass, Kevin Neil Roark, Ethan Frogget
Yamhill Co. Raemer Schreiber / Open Sequence: Adam Mendenhall


Composers: Glyn M Owen, William Featherby, Erik Wollo, Paul Lawler. Edward Cooper, Vincent Webb, Stuart Elliott, Tom Moss, Mark Cousins, Adam Saunders, Kamal Kamruddin, Mark Heaney, Michael Gun, Dean Wagg, Gavin Skinner, Tristan Noon, Benjamin McAvoy, Chris Salt, Simon Lockyer, Jonathan Jowett, Alex Norton, Filip Fejtl, Jake Irwin, Tim Whitelaw, Danny Eldridge, Jill Answell, James Oldrini, Jack Trombey, Walter Warren, Andy Quin

Thanks: Lauren Cacace, DeWolfe Music (New York)

LNS Captions (Portland, Oregon)

Very Special Thanks:
Colleen French, Program Manager, Manhattan Project, NHP

Special Thanks:
Benjamin Roy Saunders Jr. 1928-2013
John Bass, Paul Block, Robert Stone, Pete Kuran, Carolyn Church, Beth Wemple, Alan Carr, Kirk Christensen, Rebecca Collinsworth, John Coster-Mullen, Linda Deck, Martha DeMarre, William Fornes, Ethan Froggett, Edward Geist, Kurt Harms, Andrew Hirsch, Mark Holman, John Hopkins, William Jette, Jesse Johns, Chuck Kadell, Hank Kosmata, Frederic Le Gall, Richard Malenfant, Louie McKee, John Michael-Kuchinsky, Alexander Mikhalchenko, Helen Miller, Bradbury Museum, B-Reactor Association, Waunita Webb, William Webb, Jessica Brandon, Scott Thompson, Diana Webb, Kathleen Fabbri, Rose Bethe, Charles D. Church, Jack Webb Archives, Clay Perkins, R. Douglas Allen, Harold Finger, Liz & Cody Jones, Micaela Villasenor, Dave Bell, Randall W. Webb, Jay Brandon, Samira Goetschel, Betty Anderson, Barbara Church, Donna Delight, Jon & Jenea Villasenor

Archive & Stock Footage:
The Schreiber Collection
The Saunders Collection
Linfield College: Michael Crosser, Rich Schmidt, Sara Levering, Scott Nelson,  Dan Parker
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Alan B. Carr
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Greg Spriggs, Jim Moye, Lynda Seaver
Purdue University: Andrew S. Hirsch, William L. Fornes
U.S. Dept of Energy/Nuclear Testing Archive: Martha DeMarre
Los Alamos Historical Society: Heather McClenahan, Rebecca Collinsworth
The Amphibious Forces Museum: Rick Holmes
Yamhill Co. Historical Society: Chuck Kadell, Steve Leonard
National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)
Alexander Mikhalchenko
Prelinger Archive
Critical Past
DV Archive

Location & Technical:
Filmed In: McMinnville Oregon, Los Alamos New Mexico, Richland Washington, Sante Fe New Mexico, Lafayette Oregon.

Runtime: 1 hour 54 minutes 30 seconds (1:54:30)
Released - July 17, 2018
Territory - Worldwide / Gravitas Ventures
Genre: Biographical Documentary  
Keywords: History, WWII, Nuclear Energy, Cold War, Soviet Union, Project ROVER, Trinity, Project Alberta, Fatman.
Language: English
Captions: English
Formats: DCI 2K for DCP, 1080p 23.98 for broadcast/VOD
IMDb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4870510/
Made with: Adobe Creative Cloud, Izotope Audio, Neat Lab Noise Reduction, Avid ProTools, Blackmagic Fusion, Moviestuff Retroscan film scanning, Microsoft Windows, Apple OS & Hardware, ASUS hardware, Nvidia graphics hardware, HP Professional Monitors, Audient Audio, JBL Professional Monitors, Sony Broadcast, Audio Technica, Blackmagic Broadcast, Kessler, Lowel Lighting.

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